MSPs Looking to Sell Their Business

MSPs Looking to Buy other MSP Businesses
Taylor Business Group is celebrating our 20th year of working with the best IT Solution Providers in North America to help them grow and become more profitable. We are led by former IT business owners who reached the top of our industry and are dedicated to the success of our clients.

One part of the business lifecycle is the formation, growth, and exit of a business. With the MSP Connection, we bring buyers and sellers together to harness the business lifecycle and achieve a force-multiplier, connecting our best MSPs with the right buyers.

Our MSP Connection allows anyone in the IT Community to submit a confidential inquiry, and we use our knowledge to introduce buyers and sellers. This knowledge is a combination of TBG experience in M&A, the acquiring company DNA, the information we gather during the TBG onboarding process, and our Roadmap To Profitability (RTP) Financial Dashboard.

We have helped more than 30 clients complete a business transaction in 2019 with a value in excess of $34.2M, and we are thankful for your faith and trust in Taylor Business Group.
"A simple, transparent, and successful way to Sell or Buy an MSP business."
- Michael France, Managing Partner, Taylor Business Group