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"I wanted to congratulate you on the RTP Financial Dashboard... You've really created a phenomenal tool that gives business owners a unprecedented level of insight into their business.     Our two hours spent with the tool yesterday gave me a level of understanding of my business that would previously have taken me days or weeks of Excel/QuickBooks crunching to accomplish.   After only 1 day using the tool,  I can't imagine running my business without it....   It would be like driving with my eyes closed.."

Jeff Roback
President & CEO
Praxis Computing, Inc.

"Working with Larry Schulze as our coach for the last two years has been a tremendous benefit to our business. We have transformed the company from a reactive sales and service company to a proactive, managed service organization. We have seen improvements in all key aspects of the business, including revenue, service utilization, and most importantly profitability. Larry has helped me focus on working on the business rather than working in the business."

David Prince

"Since we began working with the Taylor Business Group, we have quadrupled our net profit, radically improved customer service and responsiveness, reduced our staff's stress levels, and gotten rave reviews from our client's on the improvements in our processes. Working with Larry has helped me to focus on the business in a way that only someone looking in from the outside can. TBG does for us, what we do for our clients - Provides the business tools and processes for success."

Eric Hanson
Inland Productivity

"I have been working with the Taylor Business Group since 2004 when I began attending their workshops, which include Managing for Profitability, Services Workshop, and Managing Sales. Within 2006, I engaged their consulting services to ensure that on a monthly basis, time was set aside in my business to focus on how and when we'd implement the things learned in these workshops. I highly recommend the Taylor Business Group as a way to regularly step outside your business to work on your business."

Alan McDonald
Simi Valley, California

Taylor Business Group is an IT Solution Provider centric consulting firm. Founded in 2001, TBG has brought efficiencies and higher profits to IT Solution Providers through a focused effort in delivering best practices to the ITSP's service, sales and administrative functions via:

• Management Consulting
• Financial and Accounting Consulting
• Management and Sales Workshops
• Business Improvement Groups (owner and service manager based peer groups)
• Roadmap to Profitability Financial Dashboard

This site is dedicated in sharing how you can obtain those best practices to implement within your business. If you are a direct client or belong to one the Business Improvement Group's, you have access to our Client Resource Center where best practice documents models, calculators and procedures are at your disposal.

For those who are not clients, this website provides you information on how you can get access to that same information. Choose any of the tabs found above to discover how you can bring higher profits and efficiencies to your business. If you would like to talk to someone directly about TBG's services and offerings, call 630-442-1402.


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