Process Optimization Special Services
Effective Project Flows to Maximize Your Profitability
Good processes support your team, not stifle them, enabling them to operate at their highest levels.  This is doubly true for managed service providers, where operational efficiency and effectiveness are critical to client retention, team retention, and profitability.
Taylor Business Group will work with your processes at both tactical and strategic levels, maximizing the outputs, ensuring processes align with both each other and your overall mission.  We take an approach of mapping the current process (whatever it may be), eliminating or consolidating unnecessary steps, using your tools to automate as much as possible, and baking in accountability and measurements.
  • Accountability, Reporting, and KPIs - Good processes are a critical prerequisite for having good data, and good data is essential for informed decision making at all levels of your company.  Our team will help you to define measurements of both inputs and outputs, tracking the outcomes and identifying which processes are working as intended, and which may benefit from further attention.
  • Service Delivery and Project - You train your team to answer calls with a smile, and to put the customer needs first, but do your processes support that mission?  When a client asks for support, do you have a clear process that handles that request from initiation to completion, defining accountability and success for each step of the client's journey?
  • Internal Processes - Everything from hiring and terminations to auditing documentation and agreement renewals, we will apply the same methodology to making your internal processes as effective as your client-facing ones.  Your team will appreciate the consistency in approach, and you can spend less time worrying about which time off requests need attention.

Taylor Business Group can help with these and more, including working with you to design an operationally effective project flow from sales through project completion that will maximize your outcomes and profitability.
If you would like to speak with someone directly about Taylor Business Group’s Special Services, please contact Dennis O’Connell at (331) 251-1278, or email Dennis at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Taylor Business Group has been a leader in the IT industry for almost two decades. As evidenced by clients who represent nearly $400,000,000 in annual revenue, Taylor Business Group has developed the metrics and methods that drive business success. The average Net Operating Income (NOI) of our members has increased from under 8% to over 12%. That's over $16,000,000 of additional real profit created annually!