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Transformational Talent to Scale Your MSP and Increase the Value of Your Business

Most of our clients have ambitious plans for their MSP business. They aspire to double their revenue and simultaneously increase their gross margin and NOI dramatically over the next 18 months. Simply put, they aspire to build a scalable business model capable of driving profitable growth for years to come.
The downside of hiring the wrong talent is huge. Mistakes have dire consequences for both the company and the employee. Bad hires lead to enormous amounts of wasted time, missed opportunities, severe personal trauma, damaged careers and business nose dives. Using the right process and leveraging our expertise and eye for talent, we can minimize this risk together.
So, what stops them from realizing this vision? In many cases, the obstacle is talent.
There are two strategic hires that Taylor Business Group focuses on – because they will make or break your growth, ability to scale, and ultimately the value of your business:
  • A transformative services leader
  • The sales force and client account managers
Hiring Transformative Services Leaders
Often, MSP’s end up promoting a current service technician into the service manager role. In many cases, this person does a great job up to a point. But, as both the workload grows and the team size increases, their background and experience are not adequate to meet the new pressures or management requirements for this bigger job. I have found that most owners recognize this limitation in their service leadership, but don’t know what to do about it.
Instead, you need a game changer. Specifically, you need to recruit a services leader with the professional depth, a proven track record and senior executive experience that would transform their service team.
But, where would they find this talent? Why would they join a growing MSP? How would they like working with the owners and fit into an entrepreneurial environment? Can we structure a compensation package that would seal the deal?
That is where Taylor Business Group comes into the picture. We partner with our clients to find, screen, interview, and land the senior executive talent they aspire to hire.
Here is the typical profile of people that we hire:
  • Over 10- 15 years of experience
  • Combination of both service desk, remote management and project management experience
  • Profit/loss, budgeting and financial responsibilities
  • Led and managed teams of 5-10+ service professionals
  • Customer facing leadership and relationship management track record
  • In depth experience with the required toolkit (PSA and RMM tools etc)
  • Responsibility for team mentoring, development and management
  • PMP, ITIL or equivalent experience
  • Senior executive presence
  • Practical hands-on working style
  • Fits into the leadership style and teaming nature of the owners and senior executives
Do you need to change the game? If your current services leader isn’t the transformational talent that you need to grow your business, you should own up to it and make a change. Top talent is available and interested in every market. You can attract them.
Hiring Sales and Client Account Management Talent
The top priority for many MSPs is to build a top performing sales engine. Unfortunately, the desired results are elusive – because they don’t know how to hire the right sales people and client account managers. In fact, this may be the most difficult hiring situation that most MSPs face.
In the vast majority of these cases, sales executives leave within 6 months – because they weren’t the right hire in the first place. Then, the cycle repeats itself over and over.
We have helped dozens of our clients to hire sales people and client account managers. Almost all of these hires are top performers.
What is the secret? First it is our total focus on the MSP business and deep understanding of what it takes to succeed in sales for our industry. Then, it comes down to having a disciplined process, hyper-specific hiring profiles and a good eye for sales and client account management talent.
You are looking for people who CAN do the job (the right skills) and WILL do the job (self motivated and entrepreneurial).
To hire your next outside salesperson, inside salesperson, client account manager, sales operations executive or sales manager, contact Michael Cummings This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Partners In Your Talent Acquisition
Taylor Business Group performs our search work on a retained basis (hire us for a fixed fee to pursue the search and hire the talent). This is necessary to enable the type of partnership it takes to get the talent that you desire. We will provide the help and support that you need.
If you would like to speak with someone directly about Taylor Business Group’s Executive Recruiting Services, please contact Michael Cummings at (630) 442-1409, or email Michael at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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