The 2022 Cybersecurity Planning Session
Learn How to Leverage New Security Practices and Reporting
Date:  December 14th, 2021
Time:  2:00pm ET / 1:00pm CT / 12:00pm MT / 11:00am PT
Presenters:  Jim Lippie, CEO, SaaS Alerts
Every MSP wants to increase recurring revenue, drive more value into client relationships and distinguish themselves from a crowded field of competitors. The question is always "how"?

Join this webinar and learn how to leverage new security practices and reporting to separate your MSP from a growing field of service providers who talk about security, but are just doing the same thing.

Also, get a sneak peek into the SaaS Alerts 2022 roadmap and take advantage of a special offer that could land you a FREE 2022 Zomentum license to finally help you sell more cybersecurity services in the coming year.


  • Review Cybersecurity reporting that can distinguish your MSP from the crowd and drive more value into client relationships
  • Review the 2022 SaaS Security Monitoring roadmap from SaaS Alerts
  • Review special end of year promotion for SaaS Alerts early adopter MSPs
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Top 3 Strategies for Marketing Cybersecurity Solutions
Targeted to the New Virtual Buyer
Date:  December 3rd, 2021
Time:  1:00pm ET / 12:00pm CT / 11:00am MT / 10:00am PT
Presenters:  Eric Townsend, Intel
Join Eric Townsend, Director of SMB and MSP Marketing for the Americas, at Intel.

Learn how to take advantage of this business transformation opportunity happening in 2021 and beyond.

Cybersecurity is the #1 topic for small & medium business buyers. However, how do you make you client act today and not wait until they have been breached.

During this interactive session we will review the latest business research and discuss the top 3 growth strategies where IT Solution Providers and Managed Service Providers are targeting their resources to grow their Cybersecurity footprint.
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Security Awareness Training
Fully Integrated. Zero Management.
Date:  November 18th, 2021
Time:  2:00pm ET / 1:00pm CT / 12:00pm MT / 11:00am PT
Presenters:  Joel Cahill and Zach Carter, INFIMA
Join Joel Cahill, CEO and Zach Carter, Director - Partner Success at INFIMA.

Security Awareness Training is now table stakes in your security stack. So we built it to make your life easier:

  • Onboard in a snap
  • Zero management
  • Tailored Security Awareness Training Policy
  • And we help you sell it with proprietary Web Exposure Reports

Stop building dozens of phishing emails. Leave it to INFIMA.

Minimums, you ask? None - that just wouldn't be Partner friendly, would it?

You'll like the way INFIMA looks on you.
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TriNet Demonstration Webinar - Part 2
HR Solutions Demo for Technology Companies in the New Hybrid Environment
Date:  November 4th, 2021
Time:  2:00pm ET / 1:00pm CT / 12:00pm MT / 11:00am PT
Presenters:  TriNet / Taylor Business Group
Don’t miss the TriNet HR Solutions Demo specifically for scaling Technology Companies in the new hybrid work environment.

See how easy TriNet makes HR for you and your employees, remote, in the office or on the go with online and mobile capabilities.

By combining powerful technology with expert service, TriNet helps your company with applicant tracking, payroll, benefits and HR administration, to help you scale quicker, retain your employees and attract the best talent around.

Watch this free webinar with passcode:  Y+K4LRT=
This webinar was hosted at ZOOM Webinars.