Best Practices of Acquiring New MRR Clients for MSPs Webinar
Driving the Growth Engine Of New Clients Each Month

Broadcast Date:
 June 7th, 2018
Most MSPs will face a crossroad in their business. They will hit a sales ceiling that they won’t be able to surmount with their current business model.
Change begins with the owners commitment to change their business. This commitment must be informed by a plan and transformation blueprint, so they know what commitment means and willingly embrace it.
Learn how the owners of MSPs are attracting 2 new MRR clients and growing revenue by 33% a year. As clients of our Sales Transformation Program, they are following a proven blueprint to build a formidable sales engine:
  • What owners must learn how to lead sales
  • Why weekly discovery meetings are the only metric that matters
  • How to pursue the 7 pillars of generating discovery meetings

1. Volume prospecting (telephone, lead nurturing, direct mail)
2. Surgical prospecting (using a variety of methods to reach a short, hit list of prospects)
3. Alliances (partnering with a small set of companies who can refer multiple opportunities on a regular basis,
    vendors, adjacent IT players, accounting firms, etc)
4. Associations (must have a clear business development plan and sales objectives)
5. Systematic referral generation: Planned, proactive and routine
6. In-bound, SEO and digital: Do the basics, but do them faithfully
7. Eco-system of events and training offerings: Enhance relationships and demonstrate value.

  • Why you need a dedicated prospector
  • How to treat prospects as if they are already a client in the sales process
  • Hire top talent (and being ready to coach, develop and manage)
  • Operating as a team
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