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Best Practices of Acquiring New MRR Clients for MSPs Webinar
Driving the Growth Engine Of New Clients Each Month

 June 7th, 2018
  1:00 pm ET / 12:00 pm CT / 11:00 am MT / 10:00 am PT
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Most MSPs will face a crossroad in their business. They will hit a sales ceiling that they won’t be able to surmount with their current business model.
Change begins with the owners commitment to change their business. This commitment must be informed by a plan and transformation blueprint, so they know what commitment means and willingly embrace it.
Learn how the owners of MSPs are attracting 2 new MRR clients and growing revenue by 33% a year. As clients of our Sales Transformation Program, they are following a proven blueprint to build a formidable sales engine:
  • What owners must learn how to lead sales
  • Why weekly discovery meetings are the only metric that matters
  • How to pursue the 7 pillars of generating discovery meetings

1. Volume prospecting (telephone, lead nurturing, direct mail)
2. Surgical prospecting (using a variety of methods to reach a short, hit list of prospects)
3. Alliances (partnering with a small set of companies who can refer multiple opportunities on a regular basis,
    vendors, adjacent IT players, accounting firms, etc)
4. Associations (must have a clear business development plan and sales objectives)
5. Systematic referral generation: Planned, proactive and routine
6. In-bound, SEO and digital: Do the basics, but do them faithfully
7. Eco-system of events and training offerings: Enhance relationships and demonstrate value.

  • Why you need a dedicated prospector
  • How to treat prospects as if they are already a client in the sales process
  • Hire top talent (and being ready to coach, develop and manage)
  • Operating as a team

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Michael Cummings is the Director of the Sales Transformation Program and Executive Recruiting at Taylor Business Group. He has trained hundreds of client account professionals in the enterprise outsourcing and IT consulting arena. He has worked with industry leading companies including Accenture, IBM and Cisco to transform their sales results. At Taylor Business Group, Michael works exclusively and intensively with dozens of MSP owners who aspire to dramatically grow their company and are dedicated to transforming their sales engine. Through this work, his clients have produced 2-3X sales growth and built scalable sales engines.