Best Practices of Client Relationship Management
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Building High Value Client Relationships
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Building superior client relationships is the foundation of success for top performing MSP’s.  Our goal is to be valued business advisors – defining the IT roadmap and infrastructure blueprint that enables our clients to realize their business goals. If we do our job expertly, our clients value our business advice and reward us with a steady stream of projects and product purchases.
On a daily basis, we also strive to ensure that we are delivering superior service and resolving service issues quickly and expertly. And building the relationships and personal chemistry with our clients that lead to client loyalty.
Unfortunately, it is easy to fall short. From my experience, the client management processes that many MSPs follow are sporadic and reactive. Many MSPs rely on presenting a lot of metrics that are meaningful to us, but meaningless to our clients. Therefore, our business reviews may not be impactful or valued by clients.
In some cases, the client account management process is borne by the owner or another senior leader who is spread too thin and gets pulled away from client relationship management as their prime responsibility. Frequently, the owner can only focus on the immediate demands of the clients who are most vocal and insistent. Regular and routine client management processes are not pursued,
Or we hire client account managers and expect them to address this problem. If we don’t properly hire, train and develop these executives, they don’t have clear objectives, processes to follow or the skills to execute. It is no surprise that the results and performance may not be what we hope for.
The purpose of this program is to provide client account managers with the training, tools and techniques they need to succeed. The training will develop your CAM’s business consulting skills; build their ability to align our client’s business priorities with our IT recommendations, and enable them to close clients for buying decisions.
The first installment of this training focuses on two foundational skills. First, how to “sell” like a business advisor, and second, how to conduct business reviews like a business advisor.
Who Should Attend: Client Account Managers, Services Leaders and Owners of MSPs.
The Workshop Leader: Michael Cummings is the Director of the Sales Transformation Program at Taylor Business Group. He is a former client partner at a top consulting companies focused on the outsourcing area for enterprise client.  He has also trained hundreds of client account professionals in the enterprise outsourcing and IT consulting arena. At Taylor Business Group, Michael works exclusively and intensively  with dozens of MSP owners who aspire to dramatically grow their company and are dedicated to transforming their sales engine. Through this work, client account management has emerged as one of the prime improvements that mid sized MSPs must make to scale their business and drive sales results.
How The Training Will Be Conducted: The sessions will be conducted as a series of two, live GoToWebinar sessions; each lasting 2 hours.
Session 1 - March 29th 12:00 CST - Selling Like a Trusted Business Advisor
  • What client value in a business advisor
  • How to leverage your existing skill set
  • You are not “selling” – you are diagnosing and recommending
  • Common points of “pain” to explore
  • Securing agreement on our recommendations
  • How to get decisions
  • Handling objections and resistance to our recommendations
  • Addressing service concerns
  • Overlooked sources of added value
Session 2 - April 5th 12:00 CST - Conducting Business Reviews That Build Relationships
  • Preparing for the business review
  • Establishing the right cadence
  • The agenda
    • The upfront business dialogue
    • Your service delivery business case
    • Project review
    • Roadmap and recommendations
  • The follow up
Your Investment: The two sessions require an investment of $995.00 and must be paid in full up front to be included. Since these sessions are integrated and build on the learnings in previous modules, there is no real value in attending any single session without the others. For this reason, the sessions will be recorded and made available to all participants in case you have to miss a session or a portion of it for any reason.
Click Here to make your $995.00 payment followed by GoToWebinar registration.
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