Best Practices of Client Relationship Management
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Building High Value Client Relationships
We are offering a 3-part web based training program for MSP owners, Services Leaders and Client Account Managers conducted by Michael Cummings – Director Of The Sales Transformation Program and veteran business coach for leaders in the IT industry, as well as mid-sized MSPs.
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Building high value client relationships is the foundation of a top performing MSP business. It is easy to believe that if we are delivering top notch service and support efficiently to our clients that they value our services and are loyal to us. Unfortunately, this is not true.
Based on our sales and business coaching work with over 120 of our clients, we find that the client account management practices of most MSPs must be improved dramatically.
Solid service delivery doesn’t translate into strong client relationships. Clients expect excellent service as “table stakes”. Earning their respect as trusted business advisors requires more.
That is why we have decided to make this training available to you. The program is based on the best practices employed by world class client relationship managers in the IT industry and proven to work with our mid-sized IT MSP clients in Taylor Business Group’s sales transformation program.
(Note: If you are an MSP owner who has been facing stagnant revenue growth AND who is committed to make the building of your sales engine your #1 priority, then you could benefit from our sales transformation program. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn more).
The 11 Biggest Mistakes in Client Relationship Management That MSPs Make
  1. The owner gets distracted from client relationship building as their number one priority
  2. Drifting into reactive and transactional relationship with clients
  3. Hiring the wrong people to be client account managers
  4. Assuming client service is the same as relationship building
  5. Focusing on metrics that don’t matter to clients
  6. Failing to broaden your web of relationships within the client organization
  7. Not proactively seeking out “points of business pain” that create opportunities to deepen the relationship
  8. Failing to establish a roadmap to build your relationship with the client and their business
  9. Not aligning your service team into the client relationship development process
  10. Lacking a client centered, systematic and disciplined client relationship development process
  11. Failing to train account managers on how to be a business advisors
If you avoid these mistakes, there is a large amount of revenue to be generated from your client base (25% growth year over year at a minimum, usually much higher). More importantly, this will ensure the longevity of your client base and protect against competitor’s promotional attacks. The final benefit is that clients who value you as a business advisor will go out of their way to refer business to you. Clients who don’t value you will not bother.
The Training Program We Offer You
Here are the critical skills that we will teach MSP owners, Services leaders and client account managers:

  • What clients value – seeing your relationship through the eyes of the clients
  • What it takes to be viewed as a trusted business advisor
  • How technical professionals can leverage their natural skills
  • Using a questioning strategy and listening skills to deepen your understanding of your client’s business priorities
  • Conducting business dialogues with owners and senior executives
  • How clients view the impact of information technology on their business operations
  • How to “sell” like a business advisor and consultant
  • Aligning your recommendations to your client’s business priorities
  • How to focus on a few critical metrics to reinforce your ROI to them
  • Securing decisions from your clients
  • What is the best way to conduct business reviews
  • The components of an IT roadmap for your clients
  • Building personal chemistry and stronger relationships with your clients
This training will be offered as three live web training sessions – each lasting two hours. Your investment is $995.00 and all sessions will be recorded.
Click here to make your $995.00 payment followed by GoToWebinar registration.
Once you register, we will send you the link for the go to meeting event three days before we conduct it.
Remember, your best clients are your competitor’s best prospective clients.
Questions: Email Michael Cummings at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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