Business Intelligence Insights Special Services
Use Your Data to Identify Challenges and Performance
With over 2.5 million TB of data generated daily, cutting through the noise to find actionable insights can be a dauting task.  Built-in application reporting often disappoints as well, featuring reports designed by developers that offer limited insights.  Taylor Business Group can help, tying data from your line of business applications to your KPIs to create dashboards and reports that help your team know how they are doing, and what needs attention.
If you would like to speak with someone directly about Taylor Business Group’s Special Services, please contact Dennis O'Connell at (331) 251-1278, or email Dennis at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Taylor Business Group has been a leader in the IT industry for almost two decades. As evidenced by clients who represent nearly $400,000,000 in annual revenue, Taylor Business Group has developed the metrics and methods that drive business success. The average Net Operating Income (NOI) of our members has increased from under 8% to over 12%. That's over $16,000,000 of additional real profit created annually!