Shawn P. Walsh
Executive Business Coach, Taylor Business Group
Shawn started Paradigm Computer Consulting in 1994, but he's not your usual IT guy. Most IT guys haven't been a Detective Sergeant for a police department or taught computer crime investigation. Most IT guys haven't been one of the first pioneers in the state of New Hampshire involved in computer forensics. But Shawn has. He's worked for the Milford Police Department as Detective Sergeant in charge of the Detective Division. He also managed their IT department, and implemented their first computerized records management system.
If you know Shawn, you know that he's a teacher on many levels. At the NH Police Academy, he taught computer crime investigation to other officers. At Franklin Pierce College he has taught Computer Science classes as an adjunct faculty member. Today he helps clients create secure & productive working environments, while safeguarding their IT issues.
Today Paradigm Computer Consulting continues helping small businesses with their IT technical needs. Many small business owners would tell you that having Shawn in their corner helps them rest assured that their business IT issues are well taken care of.
Shawn has a B.S. from Franklin Pierce College with a Major in Management and a Minor in Information Systems. He is a Microsoft Certified Small Business Specialist.
Shawn is married and a father of 3. When he's not working, he loves coaching his sons hockey team, riding and working on motorcycles, boating, skiing and golfing. 

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