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PSA Competitive Analysis - August 2018 Overview and Download
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A competitive analysis of three top professional services automation (PSA) solutions: Autotask PSA, ConnectWise Manage, and Kaseya BMS.

A critical foundation to any successful MSP, the PSA (professional services automation) platform provides cohesive service queue management, time tracking, automation, project management and more. Additionally, the PSA should serve as a nexus for all supporting tools and applications and provide a single source of truth for the MSP’s service delivery operations.

All three products placed closely in overall results, with each showcasing its individual strengths:

  • Approaching feature-parity with its more mature competitors on core PSA functionality, relative newcomer Kaseya BMS has built a compelling roadmap for further improvements with a focus on improved integration with their RMM platform, VSA. They’ve expressed a commitment to creating the (so far) mythical “single pane of glass” sought by all vendors and, if recent innovations are any indication, may be the first to achieve it.

  • ConnectWise Manage deserves a mention for its rich, well-developed REST API, providing ample opportunity for vendor integration or homebrewed automation. They also provide the most complete feature set of all products, though many MSPs will not utilize all those features. Though they continue to make strides in integrating their suite, they currently still feel like four products sharing a menu bar, not a single solution.

  • The venerable Autotask PSA continues to be an all-around solid performer with a largely modern interface and a robust feature set. Their pace of innovation seems to have dropped off since the Datto acquisition, but they’ve promised to renew that in the coming year. Recent rebranding of their RMM (AEM) to “Datto RMM” leaves some uncertainty as to how their suite will ultimately unify.

At Taylor, we see MSPs successfully rely on each of these products. When selecting a solution, we advise: 1) Align the feature set to the business needs anticipated over the next 3-5 years; 2) Look for integration with other tools in use, particularly the RMM; and 3) Manage cost, as tool costs can quickly overwhelm if not controlled.

Ultimately, the differentiator in a successful PSA implementation is the investment of resources into the PSA platform to ensure it accurately aligns to the business and then continuing to invest as the business evolves over time. Selecting the right product initially will set the foundation to maximize the return on that investment.

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