Operational Excellence Direct Coaching
Enhance Your Company's Processes to Drive More Profits

You have a clear vision for your company, and now it's time to turn your vision and mission into strategy and tactics.
Operational Excellence Coaching from Taylor Business Group will help you realize your vision through building an implementation strategy, then working with you to execute on that strategy.  This program focuses on the "how", in a manner specific to your particular goals, situation, and company culture.

Key elements include:

  • Analytics - We blend deep expertise with Power BI, BrightGauge, and SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) with extensive MSP operational experience to deliver actionable service, sales, and operational insights throughout your organization.

  • Optimizing Results - While focusing solely on the desired outcome should be the start of any new process, the end goal is to achieve the best result for all stakeholders while minimizing costs.  Automation can play a key role in this in addition to training, process reviews, and more.

  • Mapping and Improvements - Mapping and improving the client experience across your service catalog, from pre-sales to renewals and, eventually, offboarding.  How do we ensure flat-rate clients get just the right level of touch to value your services without driving up costs?  How is client feedback solicited, and how is it processed internally?

  • Achieving Definition - Defining success for everyone on the team.  At the end of each day, everyone should know if they've successfully advanced the company's mission.

  • The Organization - Designing the right organizational structure both for today and as you grow, with accountability and transparency at all levels.

  • Tool ROI - Maximizing the return on investment for tool purchases.  Every trade show is filled with vendors whose products can drive real value when both implemented correctly and also integrated into your organization's workflows.  Too often we see these tools costing more revenue than they generate, a situation we can help to correct.
If you would like to speak with someone directly about Taylor Business Group’s Direct Coaching, please contact Dennis O’Connell at (331) 251-1278, or email Dennis at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Taylor Business Group has been a leader in the IT industry for almost two decades. As evidenced by clients who represent nearly $400,000,000 in annual revenue, Taylor Business Group has developed the metrics and methods that drive business success. The average Net Operating Income (NOI) for our members has increased by four percentage points in their first two years. This translates to an extra $40,000 of income for every $1,000,000 of top-line revenue for our members. That's over $16,000,000 of additional real profit created annually!