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"I wanted to congratulate you on the RTP Financial Dashboard... You've really created a phenomenal tool that gives business owners a unprecedented level of insight into their business.     Our two hours spent with the tool yesterday gave me a level of understanding of my business that would previously have taken me days or weeks of Excel/QuickBooks crunching to accomplish.   After only 1 day using the tool,  I can't imagine running my business without it....   It would be like driving with my eyes closed.."

Jeff Roback
President & CEO
Praxis Computing, Inc.

"Working with Larry Schulze as our coach for the last two years has been a tremendous benefit to our business. We have transformed the company from a reactive sales and service company to a proactive, managed service organization. We have seen improvements in all key aspects of the business, including revenue, service utilization, and most importantly profitability. Larry has helped me focus on working on the business rather than working in the business."

David Prince

"Since we began working with the Taylor Business Group, we have quadrupled our net profit, radically improved customer service and responsiveness, reduced our staff's stress levels, and gotten rave reviews from our client's on the improvements in our processes. Working with Larry has helped me to focus on the business in a way that only someone looking in from the outside can. TBG does for us, what we do for our clients - Provides the business tools and processes for success."

Eric Hanson
Inland Productivity

"I have been working with the Taylor Business Group since 2004 when I began attending their workshops, which include Managing for Profitability, Services Workshop, and Managing Sales. Within 2006, I engaged their consulting services to ensure that on a monthly basis, time was set aside in my business to focus on how and when we'd implement the things learned in these workshops. I highly recommend the Taylor Business Group as a way to regularly step outside your business to work on your business."

Alan McDonald
Simi Valley, California

Recruiting Process Outsourcing Print E-mail
Are you struggling with finding qualified technicians or sales people? Are you tired of wading through resumes in search of someone who might be a candidate?

Because we hear this from Solution Providers from across the country, we have teamed up with STL Professional Services to offer you a unique program to assist you in finding those qualified employee candidates without the hassle of searching them out.

The service is called Recruitment Process Outsourcing or RPO for short.

RPO: Scalable, Innovative, Customizable Recruiting Solution

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) has become an integral part of hiring strategies for many companies today. RPO offers a fresh approach to the time-consuming challenge of creating qualified candidate pools optimized to your business.

What Is RPO?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing is when a staffing provider acts as a company's (client's) internal recruitment function for a portion or for all of its job postings. RPO providers can manage the entire recruiting/hiring process from job profiling through the on-boarding of the new hire, including staff, technology, method, and reporting. A properly managed RPO will improve a company's time to hire, increase the quality of the candidate pool, provide verifiable metrics, reduce cost, and improve productivity.

STL finds the right talent across a variety of skill sets: sales, engineers, IT, accounting, administrative, and management. STL retains high-performance professional recruiters who focus their knowledge and experience on finding the right talent for our clients.

Benefits of STL's RPO Model
-  Alignment with your business objectives, culture, and strategies.
-  Understanding and presenting your benefits structure.
-  Comprehensive review of your job description(s)
-  Recommendations for improvement of job descriptions.
-  Achieve improved productivity by retaining focus on business priorities.
-  Reducing your overall cost per hire.
-  Providing measurable results.
-  Service assurance; your candidates have been qualified via an extensive profiling and screening process.

Traditional Staffing
-Direct Placement fees for traditional recruiting programs of this scale tend to range from 15% to 30% (per position) of the candidates annual salary. Using an average 20% direct placement fee, a typical network engineer with a $70,000 salary would result in a $14,000 direct placement fee.

-Complete reliance upon existing internal resources (Human Resources, Administrative, Technical and Management) to source, recruit, qualify, verify and interview carries significant and sometimes well hidden productivity costs. Hidden costs can be missed sales opportunities, lost billable hours, and even slipping interim customer service experiences. Reference and background checks can also be challenging to manage. Cost considerations in this model:

o  $200-$500 to place an ad for 7 to 30 days.
o  Ad produces 200+resumes requiring scrutiny.
o  20 resumes may advance to the next stage of consideration.
o  5 resumes may be selected for the interview process.
o  1 person might be hired.
o  And that's just for one ad; what about other sources?

STL's RPO Services

Outsourcing the recruitment process is an excellent answer for those who wish to focus their teams¡¦ efforts on growing and operating the businesses.

The STL team will create an exceptional experience for the business and for the candidate. We will deliver the right candidate to compliment your team and represent your brand. STL engages on multiple levels to manage a fast moving reactive search to address an un-forecast vacancy. STL may also be engaged proactively by helping to plan staffing "top-grades" and/or by collaborating on anticipated new hires by seeking out "targeted" candidates that you might have your eye on but are unable to approach for any number of reasons.

The combined goal is to develop long-term partnerships, which enable effective return on investment mutually, an essential element in building for the future. When looking for strategic alliances offering a sound foundation, organizations need a practical and reliable partner of choice who has the operational and technical capabilities, reputation, experience, and vision to become a long term integral part of their business. At STL the goal is to be that partner, and to give our clients a delightful experience.

Basic Plan Pricing
For Technical and Administrative Positions
# of Placements Monthly Fee
1st placement $575
2nd placement $475
3rd placement $375
4th placement $275
Project Hires Quote

Basic Plan includes:

- Sourcing, profiling, screening.
- Recruiter interview notes for presented candidates.
- Formatted easy to read resume aligned to published job description.
- Competitive compensation and salary analysis per local market.
Premium Plan Pricing
For Technical and Administrative Positions
# of Placements Monthly Fee
1st placement $725
2nd placement $625
3rd placement $525
4th placement $425
Project Hires Quote

Premium Plan includes Basic plan plus:

-Technical screen/interview with a professional engineer.
-Technical screen notes aligned with the resume and presented with candidate.
-National Background Check.
-Drug Test

The monthly fee starts with each new placement. You will only be charged once you have selected a candidate! If you use the service for additional candidates, the monthly charge for the 2nd plus placements begins at the time you hire the additional candidate(s) at the reduced prices.

Sales and Service Resume Recruiting Program

Finding sales people is vastly different than finding technical or administrative talent. The interview process is much different in determining the "can do" and "will do" of the candidate. For that reason, we offer a recruiting service for sales and not a placement service.
In addition, you may want to begin building a stable of candidates for future
potential technical hires. You can also use the Resume Recruiting Program to
help you build that stable of candidates.
Under this program, STL will send you 12 resumes per week, based upon your qualification requirements, for the duration of the program you choose (either a one month, three month, six month or twelve month program). The pricing is not based upon finding a candidate but sending you resumes. Thus, the pricing becomes effective immediately after receiving your first week's set of resumes.
Plan Pricing
# of Searches Monthly Fee
1st search $500
2nd search $250
3rd search $150
4th search $100

If you are tired of the endless searches for people that consume way too much of your time, call Rachel Sanders of STL Professional Services at (309) 661-5771 or email her at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

You will contract directly with STL Professional Services for this service. If you have any other questions about the service call us at (816) 737-3681.