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"I wanted to congratulate you on the RTP Financial Dashboard... You've really created a phenomenal tool that gives business owners a unprecedented level of insight into their business.     Our two hours spent with the tool yesterday gave me a level of understanding of my business that would previously have taken me days or weeks of Excel/QuickBooks crunching to accomplish.   After only 1 day using the tool,  I can't imagine running my business without it....   It would be like driving with my eyes closed.."

Jeff Roback
President & CEO
Praxis Computing, Inc.

"Thank you for the excellent workshop you provided us out here in California. Everything about the workshop made it a quality experience. We gained much insight from the event, although we now have a long list of issues to address!"

Steve Barnett
Streamline Networks
Los Angeles, CA

"Knowing your numbers, it’s critical to the success (or failure) of your business. Our success is truly TBG’s success. Without them, we would not be where we are today." Allen & Morray Aukes Midwest IT Systems, Inc.
"Larry Schulze and Taylor Business Group have greatly enhanced our service department's overall operation with a comprehensive, detailed examination and concise action plan. From increasing technician utilization and billable accountability to business planning with a service-centric mindset, Larry has helped our organization lay some important groundwork to prepare us for growth and success."

Darren T. Walter
Communications Supervisor

"In just 12 months, TBG has helped Next I.T. in so many ways, including improving our focus, strategy, budgeting, tactics, personnel, products, services, and sales structure - which has all led to better managing our profits and mitigating our weaknesses.

I started working with the Taylor Business Group in 2007. We were already very profitable, but suffered from a lot of turmoil inside the company. John and TBG were instrumental in helping me root out the causes of the turmoil and fix the problems. John also helped me move from a ‘service driven' to a ‘sales driven' company by helping me define and recruit a sales team. Through the help of TBG, I increased my 2008 sales and am projecting significantly higher sales (28%) in 2009."

Eric Ringelberg
President and CEO
Next I.T. - Muskegon, MI

"Working with Larry Schulze as our coach for the last two years has been a tremendous benefit to our business. We have transformed the company from a reactive sales and service company to a proactive, managed service organization. We have seen improvements in all key aspects of the business, including revenue, service utilization, and most importantly profitability. Larry has helped me focus on working on the business rather than working in the business."

David Prince

"Since our involvement with the Taylor Business Group we have more than doubled our technician's utilization rates, built a substantial recurring revenue stream and developed a very successful, proactive based service model."

Mike Doerfler
Network Technology Supervisor

"Since we began working with the Taylor Business Group, we have quadrupled our net profit, radically improved customer service and responsiveness, reduced our staff's stress levels, and gotten rave reviews from our client's on the improvements in our processes. Working with Larry has helped me to focus on the business in a way that only someone looking in from the outside can. TBG does for us, what we do for our clients - Provides the business tools and processes for success."

Eric Hanson
Inland Productivity

"I have been working with the Taylor Business Group since 2004 when I began attending their workshops, which include Managing for Profitability, Services Workshop, and Managing Sales. Within 2006, I engaged their consulting services to ensure that on a monthly basis, time was set aside in my business to focus on how and when we'd implement the things learned in these workshops. I highly recommend the Taylor Business Group as a way to regularly step outside your business to work on your business."

Alan McDonald
Simi Valley, California

"The TBG provides us with a solid foundation of strategies to improve our business. But what sets them apart is their ability to provide a detailed operational path to take advantage of their strategies. In a very short time, The TBG has helped us zero in on items to improve in our business, with operational plans to increase our success. We continue to work with the TBG because they show us how to get our business where we want it to be."

Jennifer Roback
Chief Operating Officer
Praxis Computing

"The Taylor Business Group has helped us obtain tremendous results! We knew we could improve our business, and with TBG's assistance, we have far exceeded our goals, and ahead of plan to the point we are generating profits well into six digits. Their expertise allowed us to recognize immediate results across the entire organization!"

Gary Aufdemberge
General Manager

Management Consulting

There are times when the answers or solutions cannot be found internally. There are times when fresh, new ideas to existing business issues are the best solution. There are times when a review of your business is essential to ensure your growth objectives. If these are those times for your company, the Taylor Business Group can help. We can evaluate and recommend the solutions to address these challenging times.

Taylor Business Group (TBG) has been working with and assisting VARs, Systems Integrators and MSPs from across North America since 2001. The core service offered by TBG is executive management business consulting and coaching to these technology companies.

Utilizing the information provided in TBG’s workshops as a foundation, our consultants work with the management team and staff of your company in order to enhance your company’s processes and procedures within the Sales, Service and Administration functions of your company in order to drive more profits to the bottom line, increase productivity, enhance customer satisfaction and increase overall company efficiencies. All of this and at the same time building a team environment within your business.

Our initial process is to meet with several of your key people to identify how they see your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. We then compile those results and present them to you. Our goal is to determine if everyone is pulling in the same direction and, if not, determine a plan of action to bridge those gaps.

In addition, we will ask you to put together a list of priorities you feel need to be addressed immediately. We then employ a process to establish action plans for you to implement followed by a constant review by both of us to ensure those action plans are being implemented.

We also will look to recast your financials into our format to identify those areas of your business that are performing to our benchmarks and those that are not. From that recast, we will provide you with processes, activities and procedures to improve your financials.

When performing a self evaluation of your company, ask yourself any of these questions:

  • Is there an up-to-date written business plan?
  • Do I have an effective sales engine?
  • Are my sales reps driving corporate objectives?
  • Are my sales reps meeting desired revenue and profit goals?
  • Is there an effective sales training program?
  • Is there a well defined and documented sales and marketing plan?
  • Is the company providing the best-of-practice customer service?
  • Are my employees excited about providing quality customer care?
  • Does my service department generate the profits I need for my business to prosper?
  • Do all of my employees know exactly what their jobs are and how they are being measured?
  • Are my employees as productive, efficient and effective as they should and/or need to be?
  • Is the organizational structure allowing un-tethered communication flow from the bottom up?
  • Do by business systems support my corporate objectives and empower our employees to become more productive?
  • Will our business processes allow us to reach the growth needs of our company?
  • Do we have an effective and relevant budget process?
  • Does our budget provide the right metrics for our current business services, products and expenses?
  • Is our current budget process aligned with our current business processes?
If any of these questions ring an uncomfortable tone, the Taylor Business Group can help.

To schedule an appointment to discuss how we can be of service to you, call us at 630-442-1402 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .